Chemistry & Industry: March 2006

Nova BioGenetics, a US antimicrobial company, announces an update from the Company's CEO. During the past six months, the Company has been heavily involved in a series of joint trials with major global manufacturing companies. We have been working in various industries and have tested a number of markets worldwide. Key areas where we have been particularly active include: construction, remediation, textiles, marine, paints and coatings. Details involving a long-term existing agreement between Nova, Palmer Holland, and a global leader in the Construction Industry are expected to be released in the near future.

As a direct result of our close working relationship with market leaders across a range of industries, we have been able to respond to their specific requirements by acquiring the rights to a new, uniquely powerful antimicrobial chemistry. This acquisition enhances Nova's existing suite of EPA approved registered products. The versatility and cost-effectiveness of this ground-breaking technology opens up many global business opportunities for our customers and alliance partners. That, in turn, provides the bedrock for the strong growth now anticipated during the next stage of the Company's development.


Chemical Marketing Reporter: February 2006

AgION Technologies, has announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the company’s Silver Antimicrobial Type AK for food and water contact. The 5 percent reservoir of silver found in Type AK in combination with a permissible loading of 5% is the strongest concentration of silver available in the U.S. market for use in food and water contact applications. With this concentration of silver, the Type AK can provide greater antimicrobial performance under the most challenging conditions, including high water flow, abusive wear and caustic cleaning environments.

“We are very pleased to receive the EPA’s approval of our Silver Antimicrobial Type AK product for food and water contact,” said J. Ladd Greeno, president and CEO of AgION Technologies. “Food and beverage processing equipment, food packaging, water containers and coolers, appliances and other consumer goods can be difficult to protect from microbes for long periods of time because these products often endure repeated use in extreme conditions. Our Type AK will offer the most effective, long lasting and safe antimicrobial protection possible.”

Already approved by the EPA for plastic, textile and coating applications, AgION’s Type AK compound is comprised of 5 percent silver packaged in an inert crystalline carrier. Silver has been used as an antimicrobial for centuries. The AgION compound provides protection against microbes by releasing silver ions to the surface at a slow and steady rate. This creates a self-cleaning surface that provides safe, continuous, long-term protection from a range of microbes including bacteria, mold and fungus.

“This action by the EPA is the latest in a series of exciting approvals for AgION’s antimicrobial technology by government agencies worldwide,” said Paul Ford, AgION’s corporate and regulatory counsel. “With the EPA’s ruling on the Silver Anitmicrobial Type AK, our customers will now be able to incorporate our compound into food and water contact polymer materials at the highest permitted concentration in the U.S. – up to 5 percent loading.”

A recipient of the NSF Food Safety Leadership Award in the category of technology breakthrough, AgION’s antimicrobial technology has broad regulatory approval worldwide. In addition to the EPA approval, the silver-based compound is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for food contact surfaces. Also, the European Bottled Water Association (EBWA) has stated that cleanings of water coolers featuring AgION’s built-in antimicrobial can be reduced to once per year as opposed to the association’s recommended quarterly sanitation due to the compound’s proven track record of inhibiting bacterial proliferation.


Chemical Marketing Reporter: February 2006

Vanson HaloSource, (www.halosource.com) is changing its company name to HaloSource, effective immediately. The name change was made to present a clear, strong and unified brand in the global marketplace.

"This name change reflects our new brand strategy. By presenting a consistent and compelling brand identity, we hope to improve our company’s position in the markets we serve," said HaloSource President, John Kaestle.

HaloSource health science technologies focus on antimicrobial and disease prevention solutions that reliably and effectively kill germs. HaloSource provides reliable, tested and proven solutions in the product categories of water purification, industrial fluid treatment, wastewater treatment, infection control and wound healing.

“Given current worldwide concerns about avian influenza, bioterrorism and germs in general, we are experiencing increased demand from potential partners. Our partners achieve competitive, proprietary and cobranded differentiation from their competitors in the areas of germ-killing products, antimicrobial solutions and disease prevention,” stated Kaestle. “HaloSource is in the right place at the right time. We intend to become the global leader in antimicrobial and disease prevention solutions that reliably and effectively kill germs.”

HaloSource branded products include: (1) HaloPure®: Drinking water purification solutions, (2) SeaKlear®: Water treatment solutions for the pool and spa industry, (3) StormKlear® and Klarify®: Waste and storm water treatment solutions, (4) HaloPure FT™: Industrial fluid treatment solutions, (5) HaloShield®: Coating solutions that harness the antimicrobial power of chlorine, (6) Biomedical: Hemostasis and wound-healing solutions.


Press Release: February 2006

The Material Protection Products business unit of Lanxess, plans in future to control its worldwide business activities from Leverkusen and is realigning its organizational structure accordingly. In doing so, the management is responding to a worldwide process of consolidation in the industry, a process that is marketed by increasing competitive pressure. The business unit will be in future divided into three independent segments, each of which will be closely aligned to the markets concerned. This will increase flexibility and make synergies possible, at the same time streamlining and simplifying work routines. It is planned to move 50 jobs from Krefeld-Uerdigen to Leverkusen. “I am convinced that the rigorous implementation of our plans will increase the competitive edge of the Material Protection business unit”, said Peter Weinmar, business unit head.

“Restructuring will help LANXESS to consolidate and expand the internationally important position of its material protection activities,” continued Weinmanr. “The new, modern structure will give us the impact we need in order to have an active hand in the development of the industry”.

The material protection business unit is part of the Performance Chemicals segments, which posted total sales of EUR 1.91 billion in 2004. The business unit is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial biocides and material protection products. It markets a wide range of products for numerous applications: from wood protection, beverage sterilization to bodycare products and building conservation.


European Chemical News: March 2006

Appeartex, a Gothenburg-based innovation company devoted to fighting microorganisms, is on the verge of a commercial breakthrough. The company produces a “charged” harmless surface coating that makes bacteria get stuck to the surface and thus neutralized. - Appeartex can be described as an ”intelligent surface” that works electrostatically. The negative charges of the bacteria make them stick to the positively charged Appeartex surface. Thus they are immobilized and can neither proliferate nor spread on the surface. Actually, the Appeartex surface can be compared to flypaper for bacteria, although in this case it is a matter of patent protected high technology, says the Appeartex founder and CEO, the entrepreneur Lasse Schönemyr.

Appeartex has recently signed two global agreements, one with the chemicals company Eka Chemicals and one with the paper company SCA. The cooperation agreement between Eka Chemicals and Appeartex concerns further development and manufacturing to create new business opportunities based on Appeartex’ unique antibacterial substances. Moreover, the agreement gives Appeartex access to Eka Chemicals’ global sales and distribution network in the pulp and paper industry. Within these prioritised market segments, the Appeartex technology exhibits excellent results.

The agreement with SCA concerns generation of products within one of SCA’s biggest business areas, where the cooperation was initiated more than a year ago.

- The intention of all of our collaborations is to, together with leading players within various segments, create commercially successful antibacterial applications based on the nontoxic and harmless Appeartex technology, says Appeartex’ CEO Lasse Schönemyr.

Fabric softeners are the next product area in which Appeartex unique solution to fight microorganisms will be commercialized.  It is already predicted to be a very exciting growth area, in the consumer as well as the professional segments.

Within medicare, military forces and rescue services, such products will be of great use, says Lasse Schönemyr. Equivalent products are totally nonexistent on the market, which opens up enormous opportunities and attracts attention internationally. Several global companies exhibit a great interest in our technology.

Furthermore, Carnegie Investment Bank and financier Per E. Larsson have joined as part owners, which gives strength, legitimacy and important interfaces.