Textile World: January 2009
Troy Corp Increases Polyphase® and Mergal® Biocides Prices
Florham Park, N.J.,-based Troy Corp. has increased the price of its Polyphase® biocides as follows: Polyphase P100, 18 percent; Polyphase AF1, 14 percent; Polyphase AF3, 13 percent; and Polyphase P20T, 10 percent. The company also has increased the price of its Mergal® 186 and Mergal 192 biocides by 5 percent.
Troy cites regulatory compliance and key raw materials cost increases that are not offset by decreases in freight, petroleum-related raw materials and energy costs as the reason for the increases.


Coatings World: December 2008
Sipcam Agro USA says it will move its U.S. headquarters to the Research Triangle from Georgia in January, hiring 30 people. The $80-million company's subsidiaries, Advan and Sostram Corp., part of the move, focus on protecting ornamental and organic agriculture, home and garden products, and professional turf.
Sostram sells industrial biocides that kill termites and other insects and prevent mold and decay.


Plastics News: December 2008
An extension to our biocides technical facilities is planned for completion by the end of 2008.  This extension will bring on line test facilities in the UK to build on the well-established efficacy testing provided by Akcros US facility.  Testing facilities for paints, coatings, sealants and other product applications will complement the existing Polymer testing and formulation facilities available to Akcros customers. 
This investment follows on from the announcement of the DAKSTAR JV between Dalian Xingyuan and Akcros earlier in the year.  The joint venture is based primarily around isothiazalone chemistry, with the Akcros product range already including OIT and DCOIT in variety of formulations.
An extension to the range of products available from Akcros based on other isothiazolones (CMIT/MIT/BIT) and complimentary actives will be launched in early 2009. 


Cosmetic Design: January 2009
France-based Rhodia has acquired the US McIntyre Group to build on its presence in the personal care and oil surfactant categories as a means of maintaining growth. McIntyre specialises in the global manufacture of specialty surfactants and the acquisition is expected to reinforce Rhodia’s Novecare brand for personal cleansing, as well as extending its hair care offerings.
According to Rhodia CEO Jean-Pierre Clamadieu this will help to provide further growth in areas where the company is already a market leader. “It will reinforce our presence in innovative markets which are largely resistant to economic downturn,” Clamadieu added.
To a lesser extent the deal will also reinforce Rhodia’s presence in the home, institutional and industrial cleaning markets, as well as driving new opportunities for oilfield production and agrochemical applications, targeting fast-growing developing markets such as Latin America and Asia Pacific.
Rhodia Group hopes the McIntyre acquisition will stimulate growth in an increasingly uncertain economic climate. Although the global credit crunch has not affected the personal care industry as much as other sectors, suppliers in particular are feeling the pinch as retail sales fall and finished goods manufacturers put pressure on their suppliers to reduce prices.
McIntyre has production facilities in both the UK and the US, employing over 200 people, and has continued to grow at double digit rates over the past three years, contributing to 2008 sales of an estimated $146mn.
Significant synergies
Rhodia says that the acquisition will bring about significant synergies, based mainly around selling opportunities, supply chain and improvements in the logistics process.
These synergies are expected to double the EBITDA of the acquired business within the group by 2011, building on McIntyre’s existing recurring EBITDA margin of 10 percent.
Rhodia has had a busy year, having strengthened its presence in the Asia market, signed a major marketing deal for its conditioning polymers and making major surfactant and pearliser product launches
Rhodia Novecare, with a net sales of €930M is one of the six Group’s Enterprises and provides high-performance products and solutions to a wide range of industries including cosmetics, detergents, agrochemicals and oil, as well as industrial applications. Thanks to a worldwide industrial footprint and global R&D and tech-support network, Rhodia Novecare holds leading positions in the surfactants, phosphorus derivatives, natural polymers, synthetic polymers and monomers technologies, and eco-friendly dibasic-ester solvents. Rhodia Novecare has developed particular expertise valuable to answer and anticipate customer’s needs in protection, surface modification, rheology, active delivery, improvement of formulations and processes, environment and health respect.
McIntyre Group Limited is a privately-held chemical company, which is a leading manufacturer of surfactants, polymers, chemical specialties and cosmetic preservatives for the formulations of personal care, household, industrial and institutional cleaning products, as well as oil field aids. This US-based headquarters company counts about 200 employees and has two manufacturing plants , one in the USA (Illinois) and one in UK, complemented by sales and commercial network in the USA, UK, Singapore and Brazil .



Pest Control: January 2009
BASF has acquired Sorex Holdings Ltd., a leading manufacturer of branded chemical and non-chemical products for professional pest management. The transaction, which includes U.S.-based Whitmire Micro-Gen and U.K.-based Sorex Ltd., will increase BASF’s presence in the two most important pest control markets worldwide, the United States and Europe.
Combining BASF’s existing pest control business and research capabilities with the Sorex Group portfolio and expertise in application technology will strengthen the company on several fronts. BASF will diversify into the U.S. general insect control segment and solidify its position in Europe.
In the United States, BASF now becomes a market leader in general insect control. In the termite sector, where BASF is already the market leader in liquid treatments, its portfolio is now broadened to include the second-largest termite bait offering: Whitmire’s Advance Termite Bait System. In Europe, BASF now also advances to a strong position in rodent and insect control solutions for professional pest managers.
The Sorex Group has an excellent reputation in the fast-growing general insect control segment and unrivalled expertise in the area of rodenticides. The company has approximately 200 employees and recorded net sales of EUR 72 million in 2007, primarily in the US and Europe. Sorex Group’s portfolio and customer focus together with BASF’s worldwide presence will help to grow the pest control business on a global level. Its formulation capabilities together with BASF’s insecticides portfolio will enable BASF to develop tailor-made solutions for professional pest control.
Whitmire products in the US include a broad range of aerosol insecticides for general insect control, baiting systems for control of ants, cockroaches and termites as well as numerous dilutable insecticide formulations. Their strong position in pyrethrum-based insecticides and their Mother Earth® line of insect control products will give BASF a strong foothold in the fast-growing general insect control market. These product lines will be highly complementary to BASF’s Termidor® and Phantom® product lines. Sorex’s strong position in the European market is based on the innovative technologies, especially in rodent control, hence broadening BASF’s offerings to professional pest control operators.