Arch Chemicals is reorganizing into Four Divisions.

Press Release: October 2000 .

Arch Chemicals, Inc. announced today that it is reorganizing its business portfolio into four core segments as a result of the company's integration of the former Hickson Protection and Coatings businesses. Michael E. Campbell, Arch chairman, president and CEO stated, "We have completed the Hickson acquisition, and the integration of those operations is successfully underway and progressing very well. As a result of integrating the companies, it was only natural that we would take a fresh look at the company's organizational structure. At Arch, we are constantly looking for ways to optimize our portfolio, and we are confident that our streamlined organization will help us enhance shareholder value."

Arch's four segments are:

1. Microelectronics 

2. Water -- products and related equipment and services to provide people with clean, safe water. Arch's portfolio includes HTH branded consumer pool chemicals and chemicals and feeder technology for commercial pools, drinking water and industrial applications.

3. Treatment -- Active ingredients and related services for industrial and consumer products, which provide biocidal and other treatment characteristics that, promote health, safety, and well being. Arch's portfolio includes industrial biocides, wood treatment products and services, and personal care biocides and other personal care intermediates.

4. Performance -- chemistry and services for the coatings, adhesives, sealant, and elastomer markets, making possible a vast array of products. Arch's portfolio includes specialty polyols and coatings for wood furniture.

In addition, Arch's businesses include Hydrazine and Sulfuric Acid, which have traditionally been strong cash generators, permitting the company to invest in the growth of its other businesses. Arch's portfolio also includes the Hickson Organics division, which will be sold to a strategic buyer. "I wish to commend our employees for staying focused during the period of integration," said Mr. Campbell. "I am very pleased with this simplified organization, and the experienced management team appointed to leading our operations. I am confident that we have the right team in place."

Among the management appointments are:

Ashley Rushton remains VP and General Manager of the Water business.

Paul Craney has been named VP and General Manager of the Treatment business.


BioShield Patents for use in broad Range of Products.

Press Release: October 2000

BioShield Technologies Inc (BioShield) has been granted two additional patents.  BioShield has received US Patent No 6120587 on 19 Sep 2000 and 6113815 on 5 Sep 2000, which were issued by the US Patent Office.  These additional patents disclose a method for using BioShield's existing and previously patented antimicrobial protection process in many food, household, medical and industrial applications.  These patents present significant new opportunities for the employment of BioShield's patented technology in areas such as: antimicrobial treatment of foodstuffs, particularly perishable food crops such as grain, fruits and vegetables; antimicrobial treatment of fluid containers for human or animal consumable items; improvement of consumer products such as car wax, furniture polish, shoe polish, and leather treatments; incorporation of antimicrobial compounds into medical products, including latex surgical dams and gloves as well as woven and non-woven textile fabrics; and industrial and commercial applications such as concrete pipe, spa and pool filter materials, HVAC filtration applications, fibreglass as used in modular shower stalls, roofing materials and Dryvitt and stucco building finishes.

European Biocide Market set for some Changes.

European Paint and Resin News: October 2000

A recent study of the biocide market in Europe forecasts market growth of 2.1% representing $852 M in 1999 growing to $984 M by 2006.  The effect of a new directive known as the biocide directive is likely to have a large effect on the market, mainly due to significant cost increases due to testing of new products.  This is also estimated at $5 M per agent.  No single company currently has more than 10% of the market, with Bayer and BASF as market leaders. Consolidation in this market is expected as a result of the Directive.

Royal Vopak to purchase Ellis & Everard.

ECN: November 2000

Royal Vopak is to purchase Ellis & Everard for GBP 310 million (USD 443 million). A combined Royal Vopak and Ellis & Everard creates one of the world’s leading chemical distribution companies and further solidifies Vopak’s market leading position in the United States.

Royal Vopak reported sales in 1999 from worldwide chemical distribution activities of EUR 2.8 billion. Ellis & Everard’s sales for the comparable period were USD 1.3 billion, 60% of which occurred in the United States, 23% in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and the balance elsewhere in Europe.

Acrolein-Releasing Copolymers are safe and effective Biocides.

Chemical Innovation : August 2000

Degussa's researchers have developed a way of turning acrolein into a safe and effective biocide.  The method involves copolymerizing acrolein with polyhydric alcohols (such as propylene glycol) and adding an emulsifier (such as sulfosuccinic acid ester salts).  Degussa obtained a US patent to this method in May 2000.