Greenpeace occupy Atofina TBT Production Plant.

Coatings World: October 2001

Ten Greenpeace activists were arrested today after they occupied a chemical plant owned by Atofina located in the southwest port of Flushing in Amsterdam. The group was protesting the company's production of "a toxic paint additive," according to a Reuters wire report.

Five other activists remained at the site, three of which chained themselves to a chemical storage tank. Earlier in the week, Greenpeace activists were arrested at the plant after dumping sludge dredged from harbors that they said was contaminated with tributyltin.

Novozymes seeks strategic Initiatives in Antimicrobial Products.

Company News: October 2001

A number of projects to identify new antimicrobial compounds, including peptides, are expected to be established by Novozymes A/S.  Based on the company's substantial databank of naturally occurring microorganisms, its technologies to generate diversity and to produce proteins, Novozymes will seek to find antimicrobial compounds, especially peptides, which can be used either for pharmaceutical applications, in agriculture or in the food area.  In the medium term, Novozymes aims to enter into partnership agreements with one or more companies. 

Novozymes Biologicals harnesses the ability of microorganisms to produce enzymes and perform a particular task such as breaking down waste.  It sells formulated products based on microorganisms, often mixed with additives such as surfactants, nutrients or preservatives.  It is the leading US manufacturer of applied microbiology products in the institutional and household sector.  It also supplies microorganisms for the biological processes in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities.

Dow seeks to boost Sales in Composites.

Chemical Market Reporter: November 2001

Dow Chemical is looking to expand its niche in wood composites by advancing the use of composites made from wheat straw and PU resin.  The aim is to expand sales to $100 M over the next 5-10 years.  The global market in wood composites has a volume of $36 bn.  Dow is marketing the building panels made of wheat straw and PU binder under the name Woodstalk.  Dow had acquired Isobord, a maker of composite panels made from wheat straw and PU resin, earlier in the year.

BASF Forms new Pest Control Marketing Group.

Pest Control News: October 2001

BASF Corp. has formed a new professional pest control marketing and sales team to focus initially on its planned introduction of two new products next year: Phantom and Subterfuge termiticides. The company previously sold pest management products through a combined Turf, Ornamental and Pest Control group. By seperating the two entities, BASF is taking steps to more effectively market its pest management products and services.

"We plan to launch several new products between the turf and pest businesses in the next five years," notes Bill Baxter, business director for both groups. "That will require significant planning and organization, so we are making this move as a strategic commitment to better serve pest management professionals (PMPs) nationwide."

Ondeo and Imerys new Chemical Management Services Contract.

European Chemical News: November 2001

Ondeo Nalco announced that it has signed a contract with the Imerys Pigments & Additives Group to provide chemical management services for the North American operations of this Group. Imerys' Pigments and Additives Group is a primary supplier of kaolin clay to the paper, plastics, paint, and rubber industries. Under the contract, Ondeo Nalco's Chemical Management and Services (CM&S) group will provide services for supply chain management, process chemical control and reporting, and process chemistry research and development. Ondeo's outsourcing activities are on a strong growth path. Ondeo Nalco's outsourcing capabilities have been strengthened by the recent creation of Ondeo Industrial Solutions, which combines the skills of all Ondeo companies in order to offer clients a full range of water-related solutions.