Research Suggests Triclosan has Multiple Mechanisms.

Cosmetics & Toiletries: June 2002

Triclosan may have many modes of killing bacteria rather than a single mechanism, as previously suggested, Dial researcher Timothy Taylor, PhD, states during his presentation at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Orlando, Fla. The study, completed in 2000, provides further evidence that products containing triclosan attack bacteria differently than do antibiotics, lessening the likelihood for the development of resistant bacteria. Dial holds three patents for external antimicrobial technology and plans to exploit it further before considering licensing opportunities

Mitsubishi restructures Unit.

Japan Chemical News: May 2002

Yoshitomo Fine Chemicals, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Pharma, is to be integrated into Mitsubishi Chemical's active pharmaceutical ingredient division during Oct 2002. Yoshitomo Fine Chemicals produces speciality chemicals used in plastics additives, biocides and paper. Part of Mitsubishi's fine chemicals business is to be included in the integration

Profile of Bio-Cide International, Inc.

Press Release: June 2002

Bio-Cide International is a manufacturer and worldwide seller of anti-microbial and biocidal products based on proprietary chlorine dioxide technology. Bio-Cide International is the leading manufacturer of Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide-based sanitizers and disinfectants in both liquid and dry formulations. Bio-Cide specializes in producing chemicals used in water treatment, food processing, indoor air quality, medical and dental applications, and airline treatment.

Bio-Cide's products are environmentally safe and are effective against a wide variety of microorganisms in short contact times. Bio-Cide's products have strong biocidal activity, a broad spectrum of kill, and sustained activity against a wide range of disease-causing microorganisms. All the products have been tested for quality, effectiveness, and toxicity. Bio-Cide has obtained government approvals, licenses, and registrations for each product to assure its authenticity and safety.

Bio-Cide, located in Norman, Oklahoma, has consistently provided leading specialty products for common conveyance vehicles and is currently servicing airlines, cruise ships, offshore water systems, and others with its products.

Bio-Cide is dedicated to researching and developing products that will help sustain and promote a high quality of life for present and future generations. More information, contact Felipe Perdomo, 405-329-5598.

Bioshield forms Partnership with Aerus (formerly Electrolux).

Press Release: May 2002

BioShield Technologies announced today that Aerus LLC (formerly Electrolux LLC), a leading US supplier of homecare products, has signed a letter of intent with BioShield Technologies, Inc. to form a Strategic alliance/ Combination between the two companies which could include licensing by Aerus of certain BioShield technology.

Tim Moses, President and CEO of BioShield Technologies, Inc., stated, "This is an exceptional opportunity for us and can add significant value to BioShield, our patented and EPA approved line of products. We are diligently working with Aerus (formerly Electrolux LLC), to determine the best structure and to provide an equitable and opportunistic proposal for both of our companies. We're very excited about the potential of this transaction and we look forward to spending the next 120 days with Aerus' management in our due diligence phase, focusing on the best possible outcome for both parties."

Joseph P. Urso, Chairman and CEO of Aerus LLC, offered his comments. "Aerus is focused on providing healthy living solutions that help consumers take better care of their families. The combination of BioShield's innovative technology and our state-of-the-art floor care and air purification products offer exciting possibilities. We, too, are committed to working with BioShield to determine the most advantageous opportunities."


BioShield Technologies, Inc., is a Georgia-based biotechnology and antimicrobial products company. Its core business is committed to the discovery, development, marketing and sale of surface-modifying antimicrobial and biostatic products. The company's antimicrobial technology is a revolutionary alternative to conventional sanitizers, disinfectants, bleaches, biocides or preservatives.

To date BioShield has received three US patents and eight EPA registrations, including the first U.S. germ killer and disinfectant against Salmonella cholerasuis, Staphylococcus aureus and other microorganisms. The company has developed several alliances in different industries, such as healthcare, textiles and stormwater.

Further information on BioShield and its line of products can be found by visiting the firm's web site at www.bioshield.com . Contact Timothy Moses 770-925-3653.

ABOUT AERUS LLC (formerly Electrolux)

The Electrolux® name has been synonymous with the best floor care products for over seven decades. From that foundation, a new vision was built: Aerus(TM), a company that is more than making homes cleaner, it's making lives better. By broadening Electrolux' focus, Aerus will continue to offer its high-quality floor care products, as well as innovative new products to deliver solutions that today's consumers want and need. Healthy living solutions such as state-of-the-art air and water purification are only part of Aerus' expanded offering. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company's priorities remain the same: quality products and personal service. For more information on Aerus and its line of products, please visit the company website at www.aerusonline.com . Contact Linda Padilla 214-378-4000.

Chemet Cuprous Oxide Expansion.

Chemical Week: May 2002

American Chemet (Deerfield, IL) says it will expand cuprous oxide capacity at its East Helena, MT plant. The first phase of the project will cost up to $5.9 million, and will be completed by the end of 2003. Cuprous oxide is used in antifouling coatings used by the maritime industry. Chemet did not disclose capacity, but says the expansion will nearly double the company’s capacity to produce cuprous oxide.