Pesticide and Toxic Chemical News: August 2004

The Californian Department of Pesticide Registrations and the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency have both issued end use registrations to the BASF product range of glutaraldehyde based biocides. This pesticide controls bacteria, yeast, fungi and algae in manufacturing operations. A number of industries, including water treatment operations, are listed as likely to benefit from the use of these product.


PPCJ: August 2004

EU member states have until October 2005 to implement new rules on hazard labelling for products including paints containing the fungicide carbendazim. The rule has been incorporated into the EU’s dangerous substances directive. Carbendazim is known to be toxic to humans, causing possible cancer, development and reproduction problems as well as being potentially neurotic.


Regulatory News: August 2004

The Environmental Appeals Board reversed a liability decision and assessed a $ 160,500 civil penalty on Microban for violation of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). Microban produced a product called Microban Plastic Additive “B” which was registered by the EPA in 1983 and sold to toymaker, Hasbro for incorporation into certain plastic toys.

The Pesticide Enforcement alleged that Microban sold Additive “B” with claims that were substantially different from claims made in connection with its registration. The relevant section of FIFRA provides that it is unlawful to distribute or sell a pesticide if any claims made as part of its distribution or sale differ from the approved claims under the product’s registration statement.

The Environmental Appeals Board provided documents memorialising a Presentation to Hasbro including a statement that Additive “B” was the “ultimate in germ fighting protection”. Secondly they provided a draft toy label from Microban suggesting that Hasbro toy labels state “Only Playskool has the exclusive Microban germ fighting technology built right into the toy. This unique technology inhibits the growth of germs on toys to help provide a healthier environment for your child.” Thirdly the Environmental Appeals Board provided a Questionnaire about Microban stating “Microban protection has been shown to be effective in virtually eliminating the growth of most common household germs, including E. coli, Salmonella, Stapph and Strep. As well as mold and fungus.”

Based on the above documents, the appeals board found that the EPA had produced sufficient evidence of a violation. Microban’s human health related antimicrobial claims differed from EPA’s explicit statement made in a July 1987 letter to the company regarding registration stating: “the data which you have submitted do not support health related efficacy claims. The only claim which may be made is that the product is bacteriostatic with respect to bacteria not infectious to man.”


Chemical Week: August 2004

Ciba plans to dissolve its $ 296 home and personal care business segment and transfer operations to two other segments. Specialty effects will be transferred into Ciba’s plastic additives segment and hygienic effects will be transferred to its water and paper treatment segment. The move follows an unsuccessful search for suitable acquisitions to expand home and personal care which has left the segment with a lack of critical mass.


Coatings World: August 2004

Troy Corporation announces a price increase effective September 1, 2004, or as contracts allow, for all Polyphase® products by 5%.

Suppliers of iodine, a key raw material, have increased prices over the past six months because of greater global demand, higher production costs, and tight supply. This increase is needed to offset the continued rise in the cost of raw materials, energy, labour, packaging, transportation, and regulatory compliance.

Troy Corporation makes every effort to provide a long-term commitment to the market through on-going investment aimed at reducing costs and increasing service. Troy continually works to provide customers with added value by providing the most competitive solutions in the industry.